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Amanda Zunic

Amanda Zunic is the founder and Interior Design Specialist at Novi Interiors Inc. Amanda graduated from the Advanced Interior Design program in 2017. She is fully committed to achieving a unique space for each client to feel and function at their best. Whether it is completing a renovation or addition, custom building a home, or just picking finishes and decor, she listens to each client's individual wants, needs and desires to achieve their vision. She strives to incorporate innovative and sustainable aspects to her designs and is always exploring new design trends. Amanda works closely with each client every step of the way to explore creative designs to make the best use of their space. She is devoted to helping her clients fall in love with their space whether it is a brand new one or a recreation of an existing one.

Check out the video below to get a look at what I do as a designer, and my role with the Lionsgate Design Collective.

Create A Space Where Every Single Thing You See Tells You to Stay

Our Values


01. Leadership

  • Use your own initiative to come up with ideas

  • Approvals must go through management 

  • Creating better quality and sustainable innovation

02. Creativity

  • Integrating Design with Practicality 

  • Casual Elegance

  • Classic and Timeless Design

  • Implementing Sustainable Design 


03. Integrity​

  • Say what we mean and mean what we say

  • Clear Communications

  • Transparency 

  • Always being honest with no hidden agendas


04. Safety

  • Be safe at all times​

  • Make sure job sites are always left clean and are safe for all parties involved


05. Respect

  • Treat clients' spaces like they are our own space​

  • Equal Treatment no matter the size of the project

  • Respect clients' belongings

Client Experience.png

06. Client Experience

  • Loyalty and responsiveness

  • Constant communications

  • Personal Touches 

Check Out Our Collaborations With Lionsgate Design Collective

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